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Poseidon EBS MK II 2.0 4500 PSI (BLACK)
Poseidon 2.0 - Black Body, Matte Finish

Poseidon EBS MK II 2.0 4500 PSI (BLACK)

Part Number: EBS-2098
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Direct replacement to the Aqualung 4500 SEA. The Poseidon EBS is a 4500 PSI Emergency Egress device used by Helicopter Pilots to escape a submerged aircraft during a emergency landing into the water.

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The Poseidon EBS MKll
Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System "EBS" provide the user with Emergency air allowing the user to Egress while hands free. These devices are lighter, provide more duration, and have ergonomic features that make their use safer than what is currently fielded to military and civilian customers. Bottles include capacity gauge and On/Off Knob with OFF-ON air valve.

This unit does NOT require Hydrostatic Testing.

This unit DOES require 2-year inspection and recertification. (Done in house also)

EBS MK ll 
Pressure: 4500 psi 
2nd Stage Reg: Cyklon 
1st Stage Reg: 4500 psi 
Hose Length: 20 or 24 inches 
Cylinder: Carbon Fiber 
NSN: 4240-98-208-3743 

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