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HV-35P SWITLIK ALL-PAX Life Preserver
HV-35P SWITLIK ALL-PAX Life Preserver

HV-35P SWITLIK ALL-PAX Life Preserver

Part Number: EBS-2108
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One Size Fits All P/N: S-9400-21, HV-35P

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Your Price: $379.00
The SWITLIK ALL-PAX Life Preserver is what your passengers need! If you’re over water, such as on a flight, this life preserver can provide ample protection. Our life preserver is available at $259.00. If you’re interested in you and your passengers safety, this is a good price. Don’t get caught in high water without a life vest, you could likely drown due to the high water. If there is severe weather, you’re more likely to get pushed around by the rough water and drown as well. For you and your crew’s protection, consider purchasing a life preserver with us today. Whether outfitting a personal aircraft, or a fleet of passengers, the SWITLIK ALL-PAX life preserver is a perfect solution. The ALL-PAX Life preserver has maximum adjustment capability to fit the largest range of sizes, and provides sufficient flotation for children and adults, making it a great product solution for a variety of passengers. Designed for easy donning and constant wear, the ALL-PAX passenger life preserver is perfect for over-water flight protection. At Life Raft Store, we carry anything regarding rafts! If you’re interested in life rafts, life jackets, or Cold Water Clothing, check out our website. We give you the opportunity to save money. Interested in life preservers or other survival options? Contact us today and we will be happy to talk to you and answer all of your questions.

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